The Complexities of SEO


The Complexities of SEO

Google would have you believe that search engine optiization is simple. Just post great content and people will flock to your site, you'll magically be rewarded by awesome search results!

Unfortunately its only true one in... oh, we're guessing... "a billion" times.

Search engines use a host of known and unknown anlysing  that determine where your page ends up in the search results. It’s impossible to optimize for each individual factor, and Google and the other search engines like it this way. The best method is to diversify your efforts and plan an approach that targets several of the most well-understand factors that affect search engine results.

An effective SEO campaign will focus in a few areas:

Content. We have clients that believe their weak content will rise to the top of search results just by building a bunch of great links to it. This is not true. Great content is absolutely key. We use a the how to grow fertile to assure the written content we create is absolutely top notch. 

Website optimization. Your website’s strengths and weakness play a large part in how trustworthy the search engines deem it to be. Page loading speed, mobile compatibility, and site security are all big features. A free service like Website Grader can help you figure out where your site stands.

Keywords. The more keywords your page is associated with, the more opportunities it has to be picked up by the search engines. These terms and phrases exist within your content. The more optimized they are to specific search queries, the better. But the days of stuffing a bunch of keywords in a page are absolutely over. 

Backlinks. Search engines don’t only look at what’s on your page, they also look at who’s linking back to it. An established network of incoming links from reputable and relevant sites is one of the most effective ways to positively affect your SEO as well as ORM.

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